As our journey continues, we are donating to organizations that would be near and dear to Chris.  The following are the 2018 recipients of the donations received by the Christopher Burch Memorial Fund:

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.

Overbrook High School Athletic Association

1200 Turnersville Road, Pine Hill, NJ 08021
Phone: 856-767-8000 | Fax: 856-767-3082

The Chris Burch Memorial account has been established at Chris’s Alma Mater, Overbrook Regional High School in Pine Hill, NJ. This fund will benefit student athletes in financial need with the purchase of his/her athletic equipment not provided by the school.

Run to Remember

An international group of dedicated runners and Survivors from Emergency Services and the Military. During National Police week, they run a three-day, 150-mile relay style race from Philadelphia, PA to the Washington, DC National Police Memorial. They run to honor law enforcement officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the communities they serve and to also honor their survivors.

Room Dividers

My students need room dividers for privacy and quiet during reading instruction in a shared classroom space.

My Project

I am an ESL teacher and I instruct children using the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention. This is an amazing reading intervention and my students have shown amazing improvement with their reading levels. Next school year however, I will need to share my classroom with two other teachers. I desperately need these room dividers so that we can all teach our students without distractions.

South Jersey Breast Cancer Coalition

To advocate for breast cancer awareness through education, action and empower those affected by the disease.

Through our years of service we have learned that cancer affects everyone: cancer survivors, family, friends and employers. We protect the New Jersey communities we serve by fighting cancer on multiple fronts through advocacy, service, education and providing help and hope to those in need.

Lung Cancer Fundraiser for Lisa Auletto

Myocarditis Foundation in Memory of Anthony Dorrego

Myocarditis is a poorly understood, under-diagnosed and often misdiagnosed disease which can progress rapidly to heart failure and death. The Myocarditis Foundation’s primary mission is to provide relevant, accurate, up-to-date information about the nature of myocarditis and its various presentations to a world-wide audience of medical professionals and the public at large. The Foundation attempts to bridge the gap in awareness and understanding of the diseases that cause inflammation and damage to cardiac tissue, so that effective treatment can be administered in a timely fashion and more lives can be saved.

Operation Safe Haven

“Never leave someone behind. That was our pledge in the military and as a police officer. When you retire or move on, that doesn’t go away.” Donnie Davis

The statistics are staggering. 22 Veterans take their lives due to PTSD every day. Operation Safe Haven wants to change that.

Operation Safe Haven wants to bridge that gap…

The current federal and state systems set up to deal with the transition and life after military service are unable to meet all of the tremendous needs of veterans. That is not to say these programs are not helpful, but more is needed. Amazing Grace has purchased this 277 acre campground in Franklinville NJ with the simple goal to provide veterans with a place of true rest and relaxation.

More than just free housing…

Working with Federal, State and local agencies, Operation Safe Haven will provide our veterans with 300 square foot micro-houses nestled in the quiet surroundings of a 277 acre campground with a 65 acre lake where they can focus on getting “squared away” through various programs designed to give them the tools needed to adapt and overcome the struggles of PTSD.

Fundraiser for medical expenses benefiting Baby Enzo

Donation to Papo diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

Adopt a family – clothing

Donation for Food for Troops

Adopted a family for Christmas

Fulfilled gifts for 2 children and parents in need