As our journey continues, we are donating to organizations that would be near and dear to Chris.  The following will be the 2016 recipients of the donations received by the Christopher Burch Memorial Fund:

The Klingberg Family

…who lost their home and all of their belongings in a fire.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

By working closely with leading pediatric oncologists, we determine the most promising research to fund and create funding priorities to make the greatest impact for children with cancer. Here are some creative ways we’re doing just that:

  • Providing hospitals the funds to open high-impact clinical trials for rare disease types, placing more children on studies to increase the rate of progress, while also increasing the likelihood for a child to receive the best treatment plan in a hospital near home.
  • Funding researchers to work together, so that research currently underway by the best and brightest investigators is shared between institutions, and even across continents, giving all children with cancer the best chance for a cure.
  • Training the next generation of researchers—in 2005, a shortage of pediatric oncologists was predicted, and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation stepped in to ensure that every child with cancer will have a doctor and tomorrow’s research will not be interrupted.
  • Funding supportive care research to improve the quality of life for patients and survivors. Supportive care research addresses the side effects of treatment, long-term effects faced by survivors, psychosocial aspects of childhood cancer and more.

Paulette R. Terrell

…contributed to funeral expenses.

Loving our Veterans, Inc.

Loving Our Veterans, Inc is a house for homeless, addicted, or struggling veterans. Instead of supplying only food and shelter like typical transitional houses, LOV, Inc uses Meditation, Yoga, Education, and Love to ensure that the veterans are empowered for greatness. Our program isn’t about showing someone how to just get by in life. Our program is about expecting greatness out of yourself each and every day.

We focus on teaching the veterans to enjoy the NOW. Each veteran is required to set goals and work to achieve them on a daily basis. While short and long term goal setting will be a major focus, so will be ‘Staying in the Moment’. We’ll work on not worrying about the decisions of the past or the anxieties of the future, and only focus on that day, THAT INSTANT. By appreciating all the amazing things that life has to offer, we can learn to stay humble and live in a place of love. Every single day. Every single moment.

Lov, inc’s first home will be a transitional house that will assist veterans in their quest for sobriety, stability, employment, and, reacclimation to society. Our long-term goal is to expand to most major cities in America offering not only temporary transitional homes, but also permanent ones too. We seek to employ these veterans as our non-profit grows into each major market, with an opportunity to ultimately offer housing to every single homeless veteran, regardless of age, race, or religion. While our focus will be to assist veterans, we will not turn away any homeless person seeking shelter.

Overbrook High School Athletic Association

1200 Turnersville Road, Pine Hill, NJ 08021
Phone: 856-767-8000 | Fax: 856-767-3082

The Chris Burch Memorial account has been established at Chris’s Alma Mater, Overbrook Regional High School in Pine Hill, NJ. This fund will benefit student athletes in financial need with the purchase of his/her athletic equipment not provided by the school.

PetPALS of South Jersey

644 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede, N.J. 08078
Phone: 856-939-6900 | Email:

PetPALS recognizes the importance of pets in the lives of many individuals, especially those faced with a serious illness. We strive to ensure animal companionship for as long as practically possible. Services offered to clients provision of pet supplies with food, free or subsidized veterinary care, grooming and short-term foster care to current clients (only if the availability of a volunteer and/or foster home exists). If a client is does not have transportation PetPALS will provide transportation to and from veterinary and grooming appointments for the animal only. Click here to see a thank note from PetPALS.

The Family of the late Joseph Costello

Mr. Dietz’s Class Room Supplies

The Early Childhood Development Center, Camden, NJ